GamessQ Version 1.2.2

A companion to GAMESS and MacMolPlt

What is it?

Very simply gamessQ provides a queueing functionality for GAMESS computations running on your local desktop/laptop. gamessQ is a gui application and provides drag and drop fucntionality for running jobs with gamess that would otherwise require the use of the command line.

Key Features:

It does not provide:


Precompiled binaries are available for MacOS X and Windows. A source code tar file is provided for Linux (refer to the INSTALL file in the tar file for installation instructions).

gamessQ v1.2.2 for MacOS X (64 bit binary for 10.7 and later)

gamessQ v1.2 for MacOS X (universal binary for 10.4 and later)

gamessQ for Windows

Source code (under GPL 3 license)

Have a problem or request?

Please create an issue for any problems or feature requests.