MacMolPlt User Survey

The preferred way to submit bug reports or feature requests is via the GitHub issue tracker. However since that requires singing up for a (free) GitHub account you can also use this form to submit comments.

Please fill out the form below and submit it. All fields are optional, but do help me in planning future changes to MacMolPlt.

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PPC based (ex. any PowerMac, Powerbook, iMac, eMac, etc.)
32 bit x86 based (ex. iMac core duo, MacBook, fairly old Macs and PCs)
64 bit x86 based (ex. core 2 duo, Opteron, MacBook pro, most current PCs, etc.)
64-bit ARM based (ex. aka Apple Silicon or Apple's M1, M2, etc processors, etc.)


MacOS X 10.4-10.6
MacOS X 10.7 (Lion)-10.10
MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
32 bit Windows
64 bit Windows
Debian based linux including Ubuntu
Red Hat rpm based linux
Suse rpm based linux
Other linux
If you know it, please specify your specific OS distribution/version (ex. Fedora 36, Windows 11...):

What features do you use regularly?

3D based graphics display
Animation of reaction paths, IRCs, etc
Calculation and display of 2D or 3D Orbitals, Total Electron Densities, etc.
Graphical molecule builder.

If you would like to add any additional comments or feature requests, please enter them below. For bug reports please include any relevant details of your system and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Thank you for your interest in MacMolPlt!