You should have already filled out the GAMESS user registration and received an email reply with the current password for downloading the source code. If you have not received the current password click here to begin the registration process.

Downloading the latest version of GAMESS:

You can download the GAMESS source with your browser by clicking on the link below. Once you click on the link you will be prompted for the username and password, the username is always:

and the password is in the email reply you have received. Note that the password is changed weekly.

The download is for the current GAMESS release: gamess-current.tar.gz
MD5 (gamess-current.tar.gz) = 489a8516c5a597d152b38264f42db519

If your browser attempts to view this file instead of saving to disk, try holding down the Shift key when you click the link.

If you have problems with your download, please make sure that you have noticed that the user name is always 'source', and that the case-sensitive password changes every week. Most download problems are a result of one or both of these. In case you are trying to use an expired password, please repeat your registration to learn the current password, by clicking here.

DoD HPCMP TI-24: June 30, 2023 R1 Public Release:

The download is for the June 30, 2023 R1 GAMESS release: gamess.Jun302023R1.tar.gz
MD5 (gamess.Jun302023R1.tar.gz) = a7e625f78e14943f6cd7122a3ef56653

Unpacking GAMESS:

The GAMESS code is in the form of a compressed Unix tar file. If it is necessary to transfer this file to another node at your site, you must use binary mode to sftp/FTP it correctly. You can unpack the compressed tar file by

chdir # goes to your home directory

mv gamess oldgms # saves your old version (if any) for a while

tar -xzvf gamess.tar.gz

This will create a new directory named gamess, and several subdirectories below that, containing source, DDI, test examples, et cetera.

Please read the installation directions first, namely


for information about how to compile and execute.

Only ASCII sources are included in the archive, so you must rebuild the program under your operating system and FORTRAN compiler (there is also a bit of C, so a C compiler is also required). The documentation for GAMESS and a number of sample inputs are included in the tar file. However, nicely word-processed documentation is available from our web server, downloadable here.

Enjoy the program!

If you are interested in visualizing your GAMESS input/output you might check out the MacMolPlt program at


SIMOMM is a method for modeling a quantum system, treated by GAMESS, embedded in a larger molecular mechanics system, treated with TINKER. You will need a specially modified TINKER source code that is interfaced with GAMESS and its associated documentation:


Note that the QuanPol QM/MM code is now integrated into GAMESS, so in future, the Tinker interface may be phased out.

GAMESSplus (formerly GAMESOL) Users:

The most recent SMD and SMVLE solvation models from the University of Minnesota are built into recent versions of GAMESS (as of October 2010). It should not be necessary to access GAMESSplus (aka GAMESOL) any longer.

If you would like to receive notices when new versions of GAMESS are posted, please subscribe to the GAMESS announcement mailing list, by sending email to This list is used exclusively for announcements and does not allow general posting. Previous announcements are stored here.