Professor Cheol Ho Choi

Department of Chemistry
College of Natural Sciences
Kyungpook National University
Taegu 702-701 South Korea

I was in Ames as a postdoc from the summer of 1998 to the winter of 2001. I put the SIMOMM surface science QM/MM model based on Tinker, as well as the DLC (delocalized coordinates) codes of Dr. Jim Shoemaker into GAMESS, with some modifications. Several of my applications have used the SIMOMM model for the study of surface chemical reactions, particularly on Si(100). I spent most of my time in developing and coding the linear scaling HF/DFT with the great help of Prof. Klaus Ruedenberg, and here are some more details about that. I also visited Ames in summer of 2002. I am currently improving the linear scaling code.

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The picture is from my time as a postdoc.

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