Dr. Joe Ivanic

Advanced Biomedical Computing Center SAIC/NCI-Frederick, P.O. Box B, Building 430, Miller Drive, Frederick MD 21702

Webpage: www.abcc.ncifcrf.gov/staff/compApps.shtml#ivanic

Joe grew up in Nhulunbuy, in the Northern Territory. He attended The University of Melbourne where he obtained his Ph.D. with Colin Marsden, but was also informally a student of Richard Harcourt's. He moved to Ames in 1995 to work first as a post-doc and later as a research associate with Klaus Ruedenberg, where he made many contributions to MCSCF programs. These include analysis (oriented localized MOs), orbital optimization (Jacobi procedure for non-full CI cases), and CI coefficient optimization. The present set of CI programs in GAMESS, all of which are based on determinants, are written by Joe, ranging from the full CI case in 1998 (symmetry in 2000), selected CI (2001), second order CI following MCSCF (2002), and occupationally restricted multiple active space (ORMAS) in 2003. Joe moved to the National Cancer Institute in Frederick MD in 2001 where he has continued to make contributions to GAMESS, along with several visits back home to Ames!


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