Jerry Boatz

Air Force Research Laboratory
10 E. Saturn Blvd.
Edwards AFB, CA 93524-7680

What he really looks like......

A former graduate student, now a rocket scientist at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

A sampling of recent "humor" from Jerry:

Rocket Science thought for the day:
Nozzle studies are exhausting!

Did you hear about the nuclear scientist?
He swallowed a uranium pill and got atomic ache.

6 out of 5 people do not understand statistics.

(Like the pat of butter said to the table knife, I'm on a roll!)

A hambuger walks into a bar and orders a beer.
The bartender says, "Sorry we don't serve food."

What is the following:
"Clip, clop, clip, clop, BANG, BANG, clip, clop, clip, clop,...."
Answer: An Amish drive-by shooting.

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