For Developers

GitHub - The development branch of GAMESS is now hosted on GitHub. However, the repository is private and an invitation will be needed to gain developer access. Access to the GAMESS developement branch on GitHub will allow developers to:

  - obtain the source for the latest development,
  - submit new or modify existing features, and
  - submit bug-reports.

To obtain developers access, first read, understand, and agree to adhere to the GAMESS Code of Conduct, then sign up for free a GitHub account and then send an email to:
Cc:,, and
Subject: GitHub Developer Access Request

and provide the following information in the email body

  University/Laboratory/Institute/Company Name:
  Contact Email:
  GitHub Username:
  Reason for developer access:
  Indicate in your own words that you agree to adhere to the GAMESS Code of Conduct.

Fortran 90 Coding Policy - An updated set of rules for writing code for GAMESS. Some changes reflect the change to Fortran 90 from Fortran 77. Others are necessary to make sure the code is readable and works with the rest of the code. Those developing code to be included in GAMESS need to read and follow these rules before submitted code will be accepted. Those developing for their own use should still follow these rules to ensure the code works properly.

Doxygen Rules, Guidelines, and Examples - As of September 2012 all code for GAMESS must include comments using Doxygen. Submitted code not containing Doxygen comments will be not be accepted.


Also see the GAMESS DOCUMENTATION for information on Programmer's References and Hardware Specfics.