GAMESS for the Apple Macintosh

All modern Apple computers run the Mac OS X operating system, which is a fully functional Unix operating system. GAMESS runs on these like any other Unix system, so in fact you can install a source code copy on your system, by requesting the source code distribution. Details about downloading compilers for OS X are included in the source code distribution, if you plan to compile on an Apple.

However, if you are not comfortable with using compilers,you may also ask for a pre-compiled binary executable for an Apple running OS X.

A movie showing how to install and run the OS X binary is available on YouTube.

For either a binary or source code Apple version, please continue to our registration form.

Intel or G5 based Macs are capable of 64 bit execution, while G4 machines are limited to 32 bits.

For G3 systems, or if you are still running MacOS 7-9, there is a fully functional sequential implementation created from an older source code of GAMESS (namely the Sept. 6, 2001 (R2) release) running natively on the Power Macintosh running MacOS 7-9. Request MacGAMESS when you fill out the registration form.