GAMESS on Windows

There are three separate versions of GAMESS for computers running Windows. We recommend the first choice, because it matches our latest, well-tested source code version, as well as our on-line documentation. The other versions here are very old!

If you wish to use any of these, you must register in order to receive an E-mail containing the information necessary to download the version you prefer.

The versions are:

Current version of GAMESS:

This is a precompiled binary running native under Windows, prepared from the current source codes. There are files for 32 bit or 64 bit computers, of course, the latter can use much more memory in calculations. We also continue to provide, for a short period of time, a 32-bit address space binary prepared using the Cygwin (Linux emulator) environment.

Most of the computers in our group are Unix workstations, or Apple desktops, so we do not have a lot of expertise with Windows. The directions provided with the precompiled binaries should contain enough information to allow you to use these binaries. Please follow the directions carefully!

Most Windows users will be happy to run pre-compiled binaries, which mean you do not have to have a compiler, or even know what a compiler is! However, those who like to work with source code should note that our source code distribution page does now offer a native Windows source code distribution. In this case, just return to the previous page and request the source code instead of a precompiled binary.

GAMESS, Vigyaan CD (obsolete):

This is a bootable CD, containing a 2005-vintage version of GAMESS. This CD, from the Vigyaan project, is a live Linux CD containing all the required software to boot the computer, and run a standard, but now quite old, version of GAMESS, Avogadro-GMS, GTK-GAMESS and other useful software. Tutorials are also available on this CD. Note, this CD does not require compilation of GAMESS. More information about the CD can be found on the Vigyaan web site. If you encounter any problems with this CD, please do not send email to Mike or our Webmaster, instead send it to Pratul Agarwal.

GAMESS for Chemoffice, by CambridgeSoft (obsolete):

This is a precompiled binary for Windows, which is based on a 2004-vintage version of the GAMESS source code, and works only together with a corresponding CambridgeSoft's ChemOffice program, meaning versions 6 through 9. Note that new versions of ChemOffice probably will not work!!! The email containing the password will also contain a download link for the installer.