Group News

  • David Poole has successfully defended his preliminary examination, he has advanced to candidacy! Yay!

  • An article about research done in the Gordon group was featured at the R&D magazine!

  • Justin Conrad has finished his Ph.D.! He can now be called Dr. Justin Conrad. Congratulations! He has decided to stay at ISU in a postdoctoral position and will now be the administrator of the local computer clusters.

  • Juan Duchimaza has earned his doctorate and is now Dr. Juan Duchimaza. Congratulations! He will now conduct a postdoctoral position in Boston University working with professor Qiang Cui.

  • Bryce, Shinae, and Yu Lim have successfully defended their preliminary examination, they are now PhD candidates. Hooray!

  • Colleen Bertoni is now Dr. Colleen Bertoni. Congratulations!

  • Colleen is now a Margaret Butler Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory.

  • Kris has moved to a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory.

  • Nuwan De Silva has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Western New England University.

  • Emilie Guidez is now an Assistant Professor at University of Colorado - Denver.

  • Past and present group members and co-workers of the Gordon group gathered in Kauai for a special GAMESS7557 Palindromic Birthday Symposium for Mark Gordon and Kim Baldridge. Check out the Journal of Physical Chemistry A special issue here.

Happy attendees at the 7557 Symposium

Recent awards:

  • Peng was awarded the Dell-Intel Young Investigator award at the Sanibel Symposium. Congratulations!!

  • Joani was awarded IBM-Zerner Graduate Student Award at the Sanibel Symposium. Congratulations!!

  • Joani was awarded the Edward V. Sayre Chemistry Scholarship from the Department of Chemistry
  • Buu was awarded the Klaus Ruedenberg Theoretical Chemistry Award from the Department of Chemistry
  • Kris was awarded the ISU Research Excellence Award!
  • Joani and Buu attended the 253rd ACS National Conference.

  • Kris was a featured speaker at the DOE Booth at SuperComputing 2015.