Group News

David Poole has successfully defended his preliminary examination, he has advanced to candidacy! Yay!

An article about research done in the Gordon group was featured at the R&D magazine!

Justin Conrad has finished his Ph.D.! He can now be called Dr. Justin Conrad. Congratulations! He has decided to stay at ISU in a postdoctoral position and will now be the administrator of the local computer clusters.

Juan Duchimaza has earned his doctorate and is now Dr. Juan Duchimaza. Congratulations! He will now conduct a postdoctoral position in Boston University working with professor Qiang Cui.

Bryce, Shinae, and Yu Lim have successfully defended their preliminary examination, they are now PhD candidates. Hooray!

Colleen Bertoni is now Dr. Colleen Bertoni. Congratulations!

Colleen is now a Margaret Butler Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory.

Kris has moved to a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory.

Nuwan De Silva has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Western New England University.

Emilie Guidez is now an Assistant Professor at University of Colorado - Denver.

Past and present group members and co-workers of the Gordon group gathered in Kauai for a special GAMESS7557 Palindromic Birthday Symposium for Mark Gordon and Kim Baldridge. Check out the Journal of Physical Chemistry A special issue here.

Happy attendees at the 7557 Symposium

Recent awards:
  • Joani was awarded the Edward V. Sayre Chemistry Scholarship from the Department of Chemistry
  • Buu was awarded the Klaus Ruedenberg Theoretical Chemistry Award from the Department of Chemistry
  • Kris was awarded the ISU Research Excellence Award!

Joani and Buu attended the 253rd ACS National Conference.

Kris was a featured speaker at the DOE Booth at SuperComputing 2015.